Offline Data Entry Services

When it comes to managing huge amounts of business data, companies often find it extremely challenging to collate and present it in an organized and efficient way. We have a proven track record of delivering best quality and fully tailored offline data entry services. Choose us as your offline data entry partner and enjoy great savings on your time, efforts, and money.

What We Offer

With a strong focus on process flows and stringent quality standards, we have successfully been offering a gamut of offline data entry services across industries. These include:

  • Capturing, sorting and indexing of data in all formats
  • Offline entry of data into database programs
  • Entry for data collection, URL list collection, MS Word document, etc.
  • Entry from websites, PDF files, image files, and mailing lists
  • Entry of texts, handwritten documents, e-books, business cards, labels, product catalogs, insurance claims, etc.
  • Entry for medical records, banking documents, employee data, material maintenance bills, utility bills, receipts, etc.
  • Entry for form filling, form processing, order processing, invoice processing, payroll processing, MS Excel sheet filling, etc.

Why Choose Us

Our unmatchable quality of services sets us apart from other service providers. Enjoy the following advantages while hiring our offline data entry services:

  • Well-trained professionals, cutting-edge technology, and best in class infrastructure
  • Amazing skills and many years of experience to offer high-speed and precise entry of data
  • Efficient and well-managed process flows to offer massive savings on operating costs
  • Commitment to deliver results of superior quality within specified timeframes
  • Strong security systems in place to maintain the confidentiality of data
  • Customized and scalable services to suit your time and budget requirements

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