Backup or Recovery Management

The database management initiative of a company remains incomplete and inefficient without reliable backup and recovery system. Creating valid backups without compromising with integrity and restoring the database from there whenever required are actually critical to business continuity. We follow the best practices for data backup/recovery management in order to make the procedure hassle-free and effective for you.

Our database backup/recovery solutions keep you prepared for all possible failures (irrespective of hardware, software, or media) and help you recover your databases easily during such disasters. Protect your complicated and confidential business information from potential threats and prevent data loss successfully.

Our Approach

We provide highly advanced and completely secured database backup/recovery management services to help you avoid various high-level risks in the most effective manner. Here is how we work:

  • Developing a robust strategy and a comprehensive backup plan
  • Performing an efficient and effective backup management
  • Executing database restore testing in a periodic manner
  • Developing a backup and recovery service level agreement
  • Creating as well as documenting disaster recovery plan

Our Specialties

When it comes to providing complete protection to your valuable data against corruption or loss, our backup/recovery solutions turn out to be highly effective. Opt for our services to enjoy the following benefits:

  • End-to-end backup/recovery management services for all types of database platforms
  • Simple yet scalable solutions for the backup and recovery of the most complex database
  • Continuous monitoring and management of backup/recovery operations
  • Enhanced business operations through proper balancing of resources
  • Top-level security for the server and assured protection for confidential data

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