SMS Broadcasting

In today’s highly competitive scenario, SMS (Short Message Service) broadcasting has become one of the most effective means of business communication. It brings loads of opportunities at substantially reduced costs while enhancing customer satisfaction as well as giving the business an overall boost. Be it bulk commercial message broadcasting or sending messages to a discreet group of clients, we can offer incredible SMS broadcasting solutions to help you manage all these tasks in an efficient and effective manner with our extensive knowledge and vast experience in outbound web / data-enabled services.

What We Offer

Our outbound SMS broadcasting services are simple, smooth, and secure. Take a look at what we are currently offering to our clients:

  • Regular SMS broadcasting to send simple text messages containing basic information to multiple recipients
  • Custom SMS broadcasting to send tailor-made messages to all numbers present in the call list database
  • Expanded broadcasting with the feature of ‘captured text responses’ in which the sent text message requests as well as captures a response or acknowledgement
  • Auto-generation and broadcasting of text messages to an individual recipient or a list of recipients through different protocols

Why Choose Us

Our expert resources, cutting-edge technology, and proven methodology cumulatively help us provide the best possible SMS broadcasting services to our clients. Find below why we are different from others:

  • Smart approach with personalized and effective messages to keep your customers updated
  • Brand building made simple and easy through proper maintenance of customer relationship
  • Broadcasting of a wide range of time-sensitive materials
  • Delivery of alerts and updates
  • Fast sand result-oriented services
  • Complete data protection for the optimal security of mission-critical messages

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