Outbound Charity Fund Raising

Raising fund for a cause through persuasive outbound calls can be stressful, ineffective, and highly challenging at times. It is a wise idea for organizations to outsource their charity needs to a reputed agency having many years of experience in the field of call management. Being equipped with highly qualified staff and cutting-edge technology, we handle each call with impeccable care and make sure that it becomes a mutual success for both your donors and your organization.

What We Offer

We are committed to making a difference by striking the perfect balance between the experience of donors and your business ROI (return on investment). Our services primarily include:

  • Complete understanding of your organization particulars to offer tailored call handling services
  • Making arrangement of fundraising packs for small or large events
  • Capturing both credit card and debit card donations
  • Conversion and reactivation to direct debit or regular debit SMS
  • ‘Welcome’, ‘thank you’, and ‘feedback’ calls to each and every donor
  • Efficient management of helpline services along with overflow call handling

Why Choose Us

Our expert and experienced resources can make the complicated and time-consuming procedure of charity fundraising a breeze for your organization. Here is what sets us apart from others:

  • Reliable, responsible, and caring agents to represent your business perfectly
  • Highly professional approach to project a polished image to your benefactors
  • Streamlined and well-organized process to ensure more productivity
  • Proper utilization of time for better management of other business obligations
  • Cost-effective way to carry out your non-profit initiatives
  • 24X7 services for easy and smooth management of campaigns

We are ready to help you with your outbound charity fundraising activities. Let’s get started. Contact us today!

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